The Abel Monument

The economic growth Norway enjoyed at the beginning of the twentieth century speeded up old and new plans to erect memorials to famous personages. In collaboration with the University Senate a committee of artists had approved the placement of a standing or seated portrait statue of Abel. In connection with the centenary in 1902 a competition was announced on 26 April.

Stamps 1929

On the centenary of his death in 1929, Abel was honoured with stamps issued in four denominations – 10, 15, 20 and 30 øre - green, brown, red and blue.

Stamps 2002

The only existing portrait of Niels Henrik Abel was drawn by Johan Görbitz in 1826. The picture hangs in the University of Oslo Department of Mathematics and was used by Sverre Morken as the basis for engraving the NOK 5.50 stamp.

500 kroner banknotes

In the period 1948 to 1991 Norges Bank honoured Abel by printing his portrait on the obverse of 500 kroner notes.


Numerous first day covers, first day coin covers and coins in various grades were issued in connection with the bicentenary in 2002. Here is a collection we have of some of these issues.

Commemorative coin

The commemorative 20 kroner coin was put into circulation on 5 August 2002.


In addition to the 20 kroner Abel commemorative coin, Norges Bank’s prestige set Proof Coins of Norway Exclusive also includes a gold medal celebrating the bicentenary of Abel’s birth. The coins and medals come in a handsome wooden box with a numbered silver plate.


In addtion to this plaque, hung where Abel lived as student, his name adornes various objects, like aeroplanes and asteroids.

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