Commemorative coin

The 20 krone commemorative coin was put into circulation on 5 August 2002

The 20 krone coin was put into circulation on 5 August 2002

Coin data:
Designer: Ingrid Austlid Rise
Diameter: 27.5 mm
Thickness: 2.2 mm
Weight: 9.9 g
Alloy: 81% Cu, 10% Zn, 9% Ni
Edge: Plain

Portrait of HM King Harald V viewed from the right. Surrounding the portrait: HARALD V . NORGES KONGE. Left of the portraitís neck section: The artistís signature: IAR. Below the portrait: the year 2002 with the crossed pick and hammer mark of the Royal Norwegian Mint and the mark of the director of the mint Magne FlŚgans at right

An extract from Abelís notebook, together with the lemniscate. It has the form of a figure eight and is a curve of degree four with numerous interesting properties that Abel studied in detail. The other symbols cannot be connected with any particular mathematical theory. At the right of the lemniscate: 20 KR and below this across the coin: Niels Henrik Abel and 1802 1829 with the first date atop the second below the name.

In addition to the lemniscate in Abelís hand the illustrations on the coin were taken from one of Abelís notebooks. In the centre of the coin we see a vertical line of ink spots. However, the spot right above the bottom one is not exactly as it appears in Abelís notebook. The shape of the ink spot was changed to have the same outline as the island of FinnÝy! A gesture towards the place Niels Henrik Abel spent the first years of his life - and perhaps also to Svein Gjedrem, the Governor of the Central Bank of Norway, who is also from FinnÝy.

See also the facsimile from Infomat, March 2006 (pdf)

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