Abel Lecture and Abel Symposium

Jean-Pierre Serre held an Abel Lecture entitled "Prime numbers, equations and modular forms" in the Georg Sverdrup building at the University of Oslo on 2 June. On the 4th of June the Abel Symposium took place at the same location. Professor Ragni Piene welcomed the participants to the first mathematicians' symposium hosted by the Abel Prize.

Professor Serre's Abel Lecture 


Abel Laureate Jean-Pierre Serre.  Photo: Arash A. Nejad/Scanpix


Auditorium 1 in the Georg Sverdrup building was filled with eager listeners when Jean-Pierre Serre held his Abel Lecture entitled "Prime numbers, equations and modular forms".


The lecture provided a fascinating overview of a topic in which Abel himself would have taken a great interest. One of these was counting the number of solutions to certain kinds of equation for final bodies. Gauss and Abel had found many results, but modern theory and computers have come a good way further. Professor Serre lectured in the "old school" manner with chalk and a blackboard - and impressed everyone with a very clear presentation without using notes. 


Programme for the Abel Symposium 2003


  • Jean-Pierre Serre, Collège de France: Finite subgroups of Lie groups
  • Tony A Springer, University of Utrecht: The compactification of a semi-simple group
  • Peter Sarnak, Princeton University: L-functions and equidistributions
  • Barry Mazur, Harvard University: Spectra and L-functions



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