Mathematics Fair at University Square

Inculcating interest in mathematics among children and young people has been important ever since the foundation of the Abel Prize. In connection with the very first Abel Prize Award in 2003 a mathematics fair was held on University Square. On the 2nd of June the square was filled with hundred of children aged between ten and 12, intent on mathematical activities from 11 in the morning until five in the afternoon.

The Mathematics Fair at University Square in Oslo. Photo: Arash A. Nejad/Scanpix

At three in the afternoon there was entertainment from the Mathematical Stage, led by Stian Barsnes Simonsen. The Danish circus troupe Cirkuskompagniet performed and there was music from Vegard "Short Cut" Olsen. Minister of Education Kristin Clemet and Abel Laureate Jean-Pierre Serre paid tribute to the winners of the Abel Competition and KappAbel. In her speech Clemet said, "Something in common between Jean-Pierre Serre and Niels Henrik Abel is that both were mathematical talents at a very young age. Those of you who have measured up in the Abel Competition and KappAbel are also mathematical talents."

After this, Professor Serre presented the prizes to the young mathematicians: the three best in this year's Abel Competition were: Dávid Kunszenti-Kovács, Paul Kjetel Soldal Lillemoen and David Narum. Dávid Kunszenti-Kovács has won the Abel Competition four years running (2000 - 2003). The winning team from the 2003 KappAbel competition came from Class 9B at Kirkebygden School in Våler, Østfold County. The team consisted of: Charlotte Fleisher, Ingvild Østby, Kristoffer Kjærnes and Aleksander Ormvold. Their maths teacher was Grete N. Tofteberg, who herself won the Holmboe Prize in 2006.

Visit from Berlin

The tradition of inviting the winners of the Niels Henrik Abel School Prize - also called "Der kleine Abelpreis" - to the Abel events in Oslo began in 2003. The annual competition held during Berlin Mathematics Day is open to pupils in the upper secondary school. The competition is also supported by the Norwegian Embassy in Berlin.

In 2003 the competition was arranged for the eighth time and was held at Beuth Hochschule für Technik. The winning team from Herder-Oberschule in  Charlottenburg consisted of: Roman Priebe, Michael Hofmann, Juliane Garske, Valentin Mahrwald and  Sebastian Schimek. Together with the best contenders from the Abel Competition and the KappAbel winners, the German winners were invited to the Abel Prize Award ceremony in the Great Hall of the University.

The KappAbel winners from Kirkebygden School in Våler, Østfold County, met the Abel Laureate Jean-Pierre Serre and Minister of Education Kristin Clemet. The team consisted of: Charlotte Fleisher, Ingvild Østby, Kristoffer Kjærnes and Aleksander Ormvold. Photo: Arash A. Nejad/Scanpix

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