Soap Bubbles and Mathematics

Frank Morgan, Atwell Professor of Mathematics at Williams College, will give this year's Science Lecture titled "Soap Bubbles and Mathematics" at the University of Oslo on May 20th. Soap bubbles, with applications from cappuccino to universes, illustrate some fundamental questions in mathematics. The show will include some demonstrations. 

Frank Morgan. Photo: Jeff Bauer of CitcoFrank Morgan. Photo: Jeff Bauer of Citco

The Science Lecture is one of three lectures given at the University of Oslo in connection with the Abel Prize week. The two other lecturers are Camillo De Lellis, University of Zürich and Tristan Rivière, ETH Zürich. There will also be speeches by the Abel Laureates John F. Nash, Jr., Princeton University and Louis Nirenberg, Courant Institute, New York University.

Abstracts Abel Lectures

  • Camillo De Lellis, University of Zürich:
    Surely you're joking, Mr. Nash?

Camillo De Lellis

Nash Equilibria, Nash functions, Nash manifolds, the Nash-Moser iteration, the Nash embedding theorems, the De Giorgi-Nash Theorem.

These names will remain in the history of science to testify to the extreme originality of a mathematician who has tackled and solved some of the hardest problems of contemporary mathematics, revolutionizing our understanding of entire subjects. The hope of this talk is to convey the sense of incredulity and marvel that generations of scholars have experienced while delving into his work.

  • Tristan Rivière, ETH Zürich: Exploring the unknown, the work of Louis Nirenberg on Partial Differential Equations
Tristan RivièreTristan Rivière

Partial differential equations are a central object in the mathematical modeling of natural and social sciences (sound propagation, heat diffusion, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, elasticity, fluid dynamics, quantum mechanics, population growth, finance...etc.). They were for a long time restricted only to the study of natural phenomena or questions pertaining to geometry, before becoming over the course of time, and especially in the last century, a field in itself.

The second half of the XXth century was the "golden age" of the exploration of Partial Differential Equations from a theoretical perspective.

The mathematical work of Louis Nirenberg since the 1940s has to a large extent contributed to the growth of this fundamental area of human knowledge. The name Nirenberg is associated to many of the milestones in the study of PDEs.

The award of the Abel Prize to Louis Nirenberg marks a special occasion for us to revisit the development of the field of PDEs and the work of one of the main actors of its exploration.


Yakov G. Sinai gives lecture at "Abel in Pittsburgh"

The Department of Mathematical Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University is hosting the "Abel in Pittsburgh" conference where Yakov G. Sinai who received the Abel Prize in 2014 is one of the speakers. The conference is organized by professor and member of the Abel commitee Irene Fonseca and will take place on the 11th of January 2019. "Abel in Pittsburgh" will be the 9th edition of a one-day conference with lectures aimed at a mathematically educated and interested audience, with the objective of increasing public awareness.

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The Abel Symposium 2019

Abel Symposium 2019 will take place at Scandic Parken Hotel Ålesund, 23-29 June 2019. The title of the symposium is: Geometry, Lie Theory and Applications.

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Who will be the next Abel Laureate?

The Abel Committee has embarked on the long journey in search of the next Abel Laureate. The committee which consists of five distinguished mathematicians has had its first meeting at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters in Oslo the 2nd and 3rd of October. The next meeting will take place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania early next year.

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Record turnout for Atiyah’s Abel Lecture at ICM in Rio

1250 mathematicians from all over the world filled the big conference hall in Rio de Janeiro on Monday the 6th of August to listen to Sir Michael Atiyah’s  Abel Lecture, “The Future of Mathematical Physics: New ideas in old bottles”.

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Sir Michael Atiyah gives Abel lecture at ICM in Rio

Sir Michael Atiyah who receiced the Abel Prize in 2004, shared with Isadore Singer, will give the Abel Lecture at ICM in Rio on the 6th of August. He has titled the lecture: "The Future of Mathematical Physics: new ideas in old bottles". Atiyah will be introduced by Jacob Palis, former president of the International Mathematical Union and a member of the Abel Committee.

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