Abel Symposium 2014

Scientific conferences

Location: Kabelvåg in Lofoten, Norway

5 May 2014 - 9 May 2014

Statistical analysis for high dimensional data

The Abel Board has established an annual Abel Symposium, to be held on areas of mathematics in strong development worldwide. The topic of the Abel Symposium 2014 is Statistical analysis for high dimensional data and will be held in an island of the archipelago of the Lofoten in the north of Norway.

The organizing committe of the 2014 Abel Symposium consists of:

  • Arnoldo Frigessi
  • Peter Bühlmann
  • Ingrid Glad
  • Mette Langaas
  • Sylvia Richardson
  • Marina Vannucci

Information about the symposium 

Modern statistics is changing dramatically, because of the enormous quantity of measurements we can make: modern technologies permit to measure in depth, cheaply and regularly in time, natural and man-made systems.

We can store huge data sources and transfer them over the internet to create thematic central data hubs. For example, in genomics, millions of single mutations can be monitored in each individual, together with many other traces of -omics information, to find genetic pathways of diseases, to predict the success of therapies, to understand the impact of the environment.

But the questions are harder, scientists look for second order effects, small increments, which give a deeper insight into new theories and a competitive edge to industry.The topic of the Abel symposium is statistical and machine learning methodologies specifically developed for inference in situations where the number of parameters p is very much larger than the sample size n, with a particular reference to genomic applications.

Speakers will present new theories and methods, challenging applications and computational solutions. Specific themes are, among others, variable selection and screening, penalised regression, sparsity, thresholding, low dimensional structure, computational challenges, non-convex situations, learning graphical models,sparse covariance and precision matrices, semi and non-parametric formulations, multiple testing, classification, factor models, clustering, preselection.

The Abel symposium 2014 will be a meeting place for leading researchers, whose lectures will represent the state-of-the-art and cast light on future research lines. We also hope that the symposium will be an occasion to stimulate new international collaborations.

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